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Power Wizard Electric Fence Energizer Products Keep Horses Safe

State-of-the-Art Ultra Low Impedance Technology sets Power Wizard Energizers Apart

Ranchers and horse breeders have a full schedule without having to check the fence line for overgrown weeds or piles of snow that could impact the electrical current of their electric horse fence. Power Wizard fencer energizers with Ultra low impedance technology continue to deliver consistent electrical current through the entire fence line ensuring your horses are kept safe.

How is Ultra Low Impedance Technology Different from Low Impedance?

Low impedance is the ability of the electric fence energizer to continue delivering effective shock sensations even though vegetation or weeds may be in contact with the fence wire.

"March, April and May are months when ranchers are most concerned with the effectiveness of their electric fence due to fast growing weeds and vegetation," said James Falbo, VP of Engineering at AgraTronix, manufacturer of Power Wizard Shock Technology.

"Our experience has shown that thick weeds and deep snow impedes the energy connection along the fence line," said Falbo. "Our engineers researched the problem and developed the Power Wizard Ultra low impedance technology, which continues to deliver one electrical burst per second even with the worst ground conditions."

How the Power Wizard Electric Fence Energizers Out Perform the Competition:

  • Handles the worst ground conditions; Power Wizard fence chargers continue to deliver even with overgrown weeds or snow covered ground
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • More cost effective and longer lasting than barbed wire
  • Safer for your horses than barbed wire or woven wire
  • Available for backyard fenced areas and horse ranches up to 2,400 acres
  • Developed using the latest technology for maximum performance
  • Offers an industry leading Three-Year Limited Warranty

Choose the Power Wizard Fence Charger Power Source That is Right for Your Ranch

Power Wizard Plug-In Model of Electric Fence Energizers
An energized fence powered by a Power Wizard plug-in model is plugged into a standard outlet and sends an electric current of 100v along the wire fence. When horses encounter the fence they receive a jolt of energy at one pulse per second. The electrical shock is low voltage enough for newborn foals yet, significant enough to effectively train your horses.

Unlike a barbed wire that your horse can become entangle in, the single pulse of energy is enough to shock and train your horses without causing physical harm. Horses are smart; one encounter with the energized fence is enough to train your horses to stay away from the fence. Click here for more information on the benefits of an energized fence.

Power Wizard Solar Powered Electric Fence Energizer
The Power Wizard solar powered fencer charger is the perfect solution when access to an electrical power source isn't possible. Using the sun's rays, the solar powered fence charger absorbs the energy from the sun and provides continuous shock pulses (one per second) whenever your horses come in contact with the wire fence. When there is a power outage, the Power Wizard solar powered fence chargers continue to work protecting your horses from predators and keeping them safely corralled. A fully charged battery will keep the fence energizer operational for up to 18 days in full darkness.

Power Wizard Battery/D-Cell Electric Fence Energizer

The Power Wizard Battery operated fence energizers offer the same flexibility and freedom from AC outlets that Solar Powered models do, however, our battery operated models provide a stronger shock pulse over larger property areas at a reduced price.

When comparing Power Wizard to the competition consider the fence conditions on your farm, ranch or pasture. The more weed overgrowth, damp or snow covered, the less likely standard fence energizers are to deliver consistent shock sensations.

Battery-operated electric fence chargers are also the perfect solution for temporary corrals or temporary fenced areas when traveling with your horses.

Portable Horse Corral Kit and Electric Fence Energizer Accessories

Power Wizard Shock Technology offers a complete line of complementary accessories including our Portable Corral Kit. Everything you need to safely and effectively contain your horses when attending a horse show, rodeo or traveling with your horses is included in this lightweight duffle bag.

There is a complete line electric fencing accessories for a variety of situations; from the Power Wizard's Small Animal kit that keeps deer and rabbits out of your vegetable garden to our Solution System Components or High Tensile System Components. Power Wizard accessories offer everything you need to build a complete fencing system for your ranch. See our Accessories page for the complete catalog of parts available.

Select your electric fence energizer products from the leader in the industry. Power Wizard's shock technology, backed by an exclusive Three Year Warranty, offers the only Ultra low impedance fence energizers that increase energy output on the fence line as fence conditions deteriorate.

Call our Power Wizard Customer Service Representatives for more information at 800-866-2161.

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