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Power Wizard - The Protection You Can Trust

  • Horses are smart creatures; one encounter with an electric fence and they'll never charge the fence line again.
  • Electric fencing with Polytape effectively distributes the electric current from the Power Wizard fence charger while withstanding an impact from a spooked horse.
  • Horses are herd animals and an electric fence allows them to see their foals, thereby providing a stress-free existence.
  • The electrical shock produced by the Power Wizard fence charger is enough to stop a horse or colt from charging through the fence without doing damage to their physiology, heart or nervous system.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

Product Spotlight

Introducing the 6V Solar Electric Fence Energizer with Battery Saver. 0.06 joule output, controls up to 3 acres and 3 miles.

PW50S with Low Impedance Technology.

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