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Electric Fence Grounding Is a Critical Part of Effective Livestock Containment

Six Tips on How to Properly Ground an Electric Fence

STREETSBORO, OHIO (May 12, 2011) Spring is typically one of the wettest seasons of the year and the perfect time to check the electric fence grounding system. The number one reason electric fence energizers fail is due to ineffective or improper grounding of the unit. Now that spring is here, farmers should double check the voltage of the current flowing through the electric fence to verify that it is properly grounded. The performance of an electric fence is directly related to the proper or improper grounding of the energizer. The most powerful fence energizer is worthless without proper grounding.

"Ensuring that an electric fence is properly grounded is an important task farmers should do periodically," said James Falbo, VP of Engineering at AgraTronix. "Wet ground conditions, heavy snowfall and spring weeds can all have an impact on the ground connection. A properly working electric fence grounding system is critical for the electric current to effectively keep cattle contained and predators out."

Power Wizard brand fence energizers are known for their Ultra low impedance technology, which means they work even with the poorest of ground conditions. However, even the most effective fence energizer requires a properly functioning ground system. If the electric fence grounding isn't done correctly the electrical current will not produce the necessary pulse of electricity to warn cows, horses and other livestock to keep them contained.

Here are six electric fence grounding tips to consider this spring to ensure your electric fence chargers are grounded and working properly:

  1. Check your ground system and the voltage of your electric fence during the wettest and driest seasons of the year to ensure adequate electric fence grounding of your system regardless of the conditions of your land.
  2. After properly shorting out the electric fence, use a Power Wizard Digital Volt Meter to check the voltage levels of your fence energizer.
  3. Make sure you use 10 to 14-gauge insulated lead-out wire rated at 20,000V. Using household or industrial cables made for only 400V are not enough to support the system.
  4. Make sure the correct type of rod is used for the grounding, for example pipe or rebar. It needs to be galvanized steel at least 4 feet long. Do not use cooper ground rods as these will lower the effectiveness of the connection.
  5. If the power is not sufficient, you may need to add another grounding rod to your grounding system. Most fences will require two or three grounding rods positioned about ten feet apart, near the starting point of the fence.
  6. Make sure that your ground rods are far enough away from your utilities, in particular your telephone lines. If the rods are too close to the utility grounds they will cause interference in your phone or electrical lines.

Power Wizard's's Customer Service Representatives are available to answer questions about ground systems and the most effective process for electric fence grounding. Detailed instructions on how to properly ground the unit are included with all Power Wizard electric fence chargers. You can also check the Power Wizard electric fence charger manuals for more information on grounding.

Power Wizard brand is manufactured by AgraTronix, a company with a 36 year history and reputation of reliability and high product quality. They are also known for years of electric fence research, development and field experience which has led to their new Ultra low impedance energizer technology. Power Wizard energizers come in a variety of sizes based on number of acres covered, joule rating, type of animal to be contained and the miles of wire for the fence.


Power Wizard is the top brand of fence energizers available today based on long lasting low impedance technology. Power Wizard has over 20 types of fencing energizers with retail prices that range from $29 to $695. Power Wizard energizers are designed to meet the varied needs from the cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, horse owners, to the small hobby farmer with sheep, goats or pigs and even specialty animal owner with alpacas or llamas. For more information about Power Wizard branded energizers, visit www.PowerWizardInc.com or call customer service at 1-800-866-2161.

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Power Wizard Products

  • The Power Wizard corral kit is perfect for horse trainers who travel with their horses and need to set up a temporary pasture.
  • An electric fence fueled by a Power Wizard fence charger requires fewer posts than a standard wooden fence. Less work, less expense, less maintenance.
  • Power Wizard fence chargers provide consistent electrical current for ranches and pastures from one acre to 24,000 acres.
  • The Ultra low impedance technology of the Power Wizard fence chargers means consistent electric current regardless of the ground conditions or vegetation along the fence line.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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