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Power Wizard® Electric Fence Energizer Extends Warranty to Three Years

Power Wizard Energizers Have Longest Warranty in Industry

STREETSBORO, OHIO (January 18, 2011) - Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra low impedance, now feature a full three year warranty, making it the energizer backed with the longest warranty in the industry.

"With the unique technology our product offers, and our record of outstanding customer service, we are confident to extend our service warranty guarantee to a full three years from the date of purchase, including protection from lightning strikes," said James Falbo, VP of Engineering and Marketing at AgraTronix. "This 3-year warranty is the longest warranty by a US manufacturer of electric fence energizers and one to two years longer than similar products offered by other companies."

The Power Wizard energizer uses Ultra low impedance fence energizer technology meaning that the energizer keeps high shock power on the fence even when the weeds grow high. The Power Wizard actually increases the energy output on the fence line as the fence condition deteriorates and becomes heavily weeded. The high performance of the energizer is a result of the technology, design and rugged construction.

The benefit to the farmers, ranchers and livestock owners is their animals will remain contained without the need for constant replacement of the energizer.

Power Wizard brand is manufactured by AgraTronix, a company with a 36 year history and reputation of reliability and high product quality. They are also known for years of electric fence research, development and field experience which has led to their new Ultra low impedance energizer technology. Power Wizard energizers come in a variety of sizes based on number of acres covered, joule rating, type of animal to be contained and the miles of wire for the fence.


Power Wizard is the top brand of fence energizers available today based on long lasting low impedance technology. Power Wizard has over 20 types of fencing energizers with retail prices that range from $29 to $695. Power Wizard energizers are designed to meet the varied needs from the cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, horse owners, to the small hobby farmer with sheep, goats or pigs and even specialty animal owner with alpacas or llamas. For more information about Power Wizard branded energizers, visit www.PowerWizardInc.com or call customer service at 1-800-866-2161.

Media contact: Deidra Roberts 330-562-2222

Power Wizard Products

  • The Power Wizard corral kit is perfect for horse trainers who travel with their horses and need to set up a temporary pasture.
  • An electric fence fueled by a Power Wizard fence charger requires fewer posts than a standard wooden fence. Less work, less expense, less maintenance.
  • Power Wizard fence chargers provide consistent electrical current for ranches and pastures from one acre to 24,000 acres.
  • The Ultra low impedance technology of the Power Wizard fence chargers means consistent electric current regardless of the ground conditions or vegetation along the fence line.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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