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Power Wizard® Shock Technology and Fencing Electric Chargers are in the News

Power Wizard fencing electric chargers offer the leading brand of fence energizers in the industry and are in the news updating information and educating our customers in the marketplace. The following links are to news articles, events, press releases, white papers and articles concerning Power Wizard products.


Select the Correct Electric Fence Charger to Effectively Protect Your Cows, Horses and Livestock

Four Important Keys Help You Select the Best Electric Fence Energizer

STREETSBORO, OHIO (August 24, 2011) Electric fence chargers are the most effective and affordable method to protect and contain cows, horses and other livestock.   Read More

Electric Fence Grounding is a Critical Part of Effective Livestock Containment

Six Tips on How to Properly Ground an Electric Fence

STREETSBORO, OHIO (May 12, 2011) Spring is typically one of the wettest seasons of the year and the perfect time to check the electric fence grounding system.   Read More

Power Wizard® Electric Fence Energizers Provides Power Even in Tall Weed Conditions

ULTRA Low Impedance Technology Keeps Animals Safely Contained

STREETSBORO, OHIO (March 1, 2011) - Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra low impedance, are specially designed for "real life" situations such as tall weeds that become a big problem in the spring months.   Read More

Power Wizard® Electric Fence Energizer Extends Warranty to Three Years

Power Wizard Energizers Have Longest Warranty in Industry

STREETSBORO, OHIO (January 18, 2011) - Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra low impedance, now feature a full three year warranty, making it the energizer backed with the longest warranty in the industry.   Read More


Farm and Livestock Directory

Emerging Trends in Electric Fencing. September 2012 Issue


Electric fence solutions to deter nuisance deer from croplands. July 2012


Emerging Trends in Electric Fencing. June 2012

Working Ranch Magazine

Troubleshooting Your Electric Fence. June/July 2012

Progressive Cattleman

Safe fencing starts with grounding systems. June 11, 2012


New Horse Safe Website Helps Horse Owners. March 5, 2012


What's New for July 25, 2011: Power Wizard 24000 Fence Charger, July 25, 2011


Six Tips for Proper Electric Fence Grounding, May 12, 2011

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Power Wizard Products

  • The Power Wizard corral kit is perfect for horse trainers who travel with their horses and need to set up a temporary pasture.
  • An electric fence fueled by a Power Wizard fence charger requires fewer posts than a standard wooden fence. Less work, less expense, less maintenance.
  • Power Wizard fence chargers provide consistent electrical current for ranches and pastures from one acre to 24,000 acres.
  • The Ultra low impedance technology of the Power Wizard fence chargers means consistent electric current regardless of the ground conditions or vegetation along the fence line.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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