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On All Power Wizard Energizers

Measuring and Installing an Electric Fence for Your Horse Pasture

Power Wizard Fence Chargers Keep Your Horses Safe

Quickly train your thoroughbred horses, ponies and foals by enclosing your pasture with an electric fence. An electric fence for horses is an affordable, effective way to provide a contained area in which they can graze and exercise. Before you purchase your Power Wizard fence charger, wire, posts and other supplies, make sure you have properly measured your pasture.

Regardless of the number of horses, the style of riding you prefer or the whether you are training or breeding horses, you will need a safe and sturdy fencing structure. Horses can be curious and will paw the fence wires with their hooves or butt the fencing with their heads. By using an electric fence, horses will receive a short pulse of electrical current, quickly training them to stay clear of the fence.

Measuring for a New Electric Fence for Horses

You need to measure the area of your pasture or paddock that will be enclosed with the wire fencing. If you are measuring acreage that is perfectly rectangular, simply multiple the longer lengths by the shorter edges to determine the square feet of fenced area.

However most horse pastures are an imperfect size which makes the measurement more complex. To measure an uneven four-sided pasture you will need more information than just the length of the each of the four sides. You will also need to know the diagonal measurements along with its relation to the sides.

The diagonal measurement divides the pasture into two rigid triangles which allow for a more accurate measurement of the area to be enclosed with an electric fence for your horses.

You may also check the information on your plat, or property map, which should include accurate measurements of the sides and also the specifications of the bearing angles of each of the plotlines.

Other Considerations when Installing an Electric Fence for Horses

You will also need to determine the number of:

  • Corner posts necessary (may require more than four depending on the configuration of your pasture.
  • Gates and where they will be located.
  • Regular posts. Estimate that you will install one post eight feet apart around the perimeter of your horse pasture.
  • Rows of wiring. Remember that you will need a row of wiring higher for your adult horses and one lower for smaller animals, foals, colts and also to keep predators, like coyotes or wolves, out of the fenced area.

Only install one Power Wizard fence charger on your electric fence for horses as multiple energizers may reduce the time off between pulses, potentially causing severe harm to your horses.

Determining the Correct Fence Energizer for your Horse Pasture Fencing

There are a number of components to consider when selecting the proper Power Wizard fence energizer. Refer to the Power Wizard Energizer Selection Guide for model number suggestions. Also refer to the white paper, How to Select the Proper Power Wizard Fence Energizer for detailed information or call the Power Wizard Customer Service representatives who are on hand to answer your questions. 800-866-2161.

Power Wizard Products

  • The Power Wizard corral kit is perfect for horse trainers who travel with their horses and need to set up a temporary pasture.
  • An electric fence fueled by a Power Wizard fence charger requires fewer posts than a standard wooden fence. Less work, less expense, less maintenance.
  • Power Wizard fence chargers provide consistent electrical current for ranches and pastures from one acre to 24,000 acres.
  • The Ultra low impedance technology of the Power Wizard fence chargers means consistent electric current regardless of the ground conditions or vegetation along the fence line.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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