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On All Power Wizard Energizers

Tips for Successfully Installing an Electric Fence for Horses with the Power Wizard Fence Charger

The Power Wizard fence chargers are the most affordable, consistent solution to effectively protect and contain your Arabian horses, thoroughbred horses, American Quarter horses or Mustangs IF properly installed.

Horse Ranchers have benefited from these expert tips when installing an electric fence with the Power Wizard Fence Charger:

Tips for your Electric Fence Selection. Choosing the correct electric fence charger is critical when building a successful fence system or when modifying your existing fence to become electric. When selecting the proper electric fence charger you'll need to consider the voltage that is necessary to provide enough electrical current for the size and length of your fenced area. The size of the area and the type of horses contained determines the strength of fence charger needed.

There are three key questions that help select the correct fence energizer:

  1. What type of power source do I need?
  2. What kind and size of ponies and horses am I trying to contain?
  3. What is the size of the area that will be enclosed with an electric fence?

Use the Power Wizard Selection Guide when selecting the correct model fence charger. The correct size and strength of a Power Wizard fence charger can now be determined by using our online Selection Guide. If you have further questions, call our customer service representatives who are on hand to help with selecting the correct Power Wizard fence charger for your specific needs. 800-866-2161.

Consider each of the following components when assembling your electric fence:

  • Fence Post. There are several materials used in the making of fence posts. Keep in mind that the fence posts are the foundation, the primary support, for your electric fence. Wooden posts are the sturdiest and suggested for use as your corner posts. Installing an electric fence with wooden posts throughout is considered to be a permanent fence. Other fence post materials are steel rod, otherwise known as rebar posts and fiberglass rod posts. Additionally, it is recommended that you brace the corners of the fence to help increase the strength of the fence.
  • Grounding. Without a properly working ground system, the highest quality Power Wizard fence energizer will not work. If the soil conditions on your ranch or farm are primarily rocky, you will need to install a minimum of three ground rods that are 6-8' long. If the soil conditions are rich and moist, one ground rod might suffice. Additionally, consider the length of your fence when constructing a ground system; the longer the fence, the more rods will be needed. See the article on Completing the Connection, creating an effective ground system for more details.
  • Fence Insulator. There are different types of fence insulators available. Due to higher tension, you will use a different insulator in the corners of your electric fence than on the line between posts. Therefore, selecting the proper fence insulator is just one of the many important aspects for successfully installing an electric fence. Fence insulators are available in a variety of materials; plastic, porcelain, and specialized insulators that are used in a variety of specific circumstances. For more information and other electric fence tips sign up for our email newsletter.
  • Fence Wire.There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the proper fence wire for your electric fence. Each type of wiring offers features and benefits better suited to different circumstances. You can obtain fence wiring in a variety of materials, gauges, and lengths depending on your specific fence needs. Additionally, the height and size of your horses will also have a determining factor in the wire used, the number of rows of wire contained in your fence and the Power Wizard fencer charger model that is installed. Visit our Accessories page
  • for complete details on fencing wire like; aluminum wire, insulated wire, steel gauge, 3-strand poly wire, heavy poly tape, underground cable, and monofil poly rope just to name a few.
  • Poly Spacers. Using poly spacers for your electric fence saves money on buying additional posts and the labor time and cost for installing them.
  • Gates. When installing a gate in your electric fence, make sure the gate is wide enough so that your horses can pass through without issue.The electric fence is training your horses to keep away from the wire fence. If the gate is too narrow, it could spook or confuse your animals, especially the foals, and keep them from passing through without incident.

Keep these CAUTIONS in mind when installing your electric fence charger:

  • RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Do not install where small children, the elderly or unhealthy persons may come in contact with the live portions of electric fencing. Use electric fence warning signs wherever humans may come in contact with the fence.
  • Do not connect simultaneously to a fence and any other device such as a cattle trainer or a poultry trainer. Should lightening strike, your fence will be conducted to all other devices.
  • Always unplug the energizer before handling any part of the energizer.
  • Never put more than one energizer on a fence. Doing so is dangerous because it may reduce time off between pulses, may damage the energizer and will invalidate the warranty.
  • Do not run fence wire above ground near high voltage power lines. If too close, the electric fence may pick up dangerous levels of power from high voltage lines. Never cross under a high voltage line with electric fence.
  • Always maintain an adequate ground system securely attached to the energizer. For more information, refer to the grounding information in our resources section.
  • Do not alter the polarity of the energizer plug on 110V operated energizers. For battery operated fence energizers, connect the red battery clamp to the positive battery terminal and the black battery clamp to the negative battery terminal only.
  • Never charge a battery that is connected to a fence energizer. Always disconnect the battery from the energizer first.
  • Electric fences are very effective psychological barriers when properly installed and when animals are trained to the fence. Electric fences are NOT complete physical barriers. Erratic animal behavior cannot be predicted and occasional fence penetration can occur. Therefore, Agratronix assumes no liability for animal containment, injury or the consequences for the misuse of the equipment.
  • Never electrify a barbed wire fence.
  • Never touch the live fence with the head or mouth.
  • Sparks may occur in electric fence systems. Therefore, during periods of high fire risk, electric fence energizers should be turned off.

Our award winning, knowledgeable Customer Service staff is on hand to answer any of your questions. Each Power Wizard fence charger products include a thorough instruction guide to assist in the proper installation.

Call today 800-866-2161

See our complete installation instructions online or in the manual included with your Power Wizard fence charger.

Power Wizard - The Protection You Can Trust

  • Horses are smart creatures; one encounter with an electric fence and they'll never charge the fence line again.
  • Electric fencing with Polytape effectively distributes the electric current from the Power Wizard fence charger while withstanding an impact from a spooked horse.
  • Horses are herd animals and an electric fence allows them to see their foals, thereby providing a stress-free existence.
  • The electrical shock produced by the Power Wizard fence charger is enough to stop a horse or colt from charging through the fence without doing damage to their physiology, heart or nervous system.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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