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Power Wizard Brand of Fence Chargers

Engineering and Technology Leaders in the Fence Energizer Industry

Keeping horses, ponies and colts safe within the confines of a fenced pasture is of critical importance to horse breeders and ranchers. Although there are many solutions, the electric fence has proven the most effective. Barbed and woven wires can be harmful and more expensive when it comes to corralling horses. Electric fencing is the most cost-effective, safe and easy-to-maintain solution for protecting your horses.

The Power Wizard engineers have worked for years to develop the industry leading technology that ensures continual electrical current along the fence line so that horses are kept free from injury.

Typically, weeds and the condition of the earth can impede the flow of electrical current with other fence chargers. The engineers of Power Wizard shock technology tackled this problem and developed the only Ultra low impedance technology available. Ultra low impedance makes all the difference for keeping your horses and colts safely inside the fence. Backed by a Three Year Warranty, the Power Wizard fence chargers provide the highest quality solution for horse breeders and ranchers.

Power Wizard Fence Chargers Providing Horse Ranchers an Eco-Friendly Solution

The Power Wizard brand of energizers is known for providing the highest quality at the most competitive pricing. Power Wizard energizers use technology designed to set new industry standards for high performance under the toughest fence conditions.

Power Wizard fence chargers are an environmentally safe, horse-friendly, effective solution for energized fences.

Power Wizard Shock Technology is a leading manufacturer-supplier of plug-in, battery-powered and solar-powered electric fence chargers. We offer a wide range of solar-powered energized models that conserve energy by delivering effective shock sensations without the use of batteries or electricity; perfect for the environmentally conscious rancher.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to manufacture and deliver the highest quality products with innovative technology and solutions for our customers with peerless customer care.

Power Wizard - The Protection You Can Trust

  • Horses are smart creatures; one encounter with an electric fence and they'll never charge the fence line again.
  • Electric fencing with Polytape effectively distributes the electric current from the Power Wizard fence charger while withstanding an impact from a spooked horse.
  • Horses are herd animals and an electric fence allows them to see their foals, thereby providing a stress-free existence.
  • The electrical shock produced by the Power Wizard fence charger is enough to stop a horse or colt from charging through the fence without doing damage to their physiology, heart or nervous system.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

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