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Power Wizard® - The Protection You Can Trust

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Power Wizard Electric Fence Energizers Safely Corral Horses

Ranchers and Horse Breeders Agree that Power Wizard Fence Energizers Are the Most Effective Way to Keep Horses in Their Pasture

Horses quickly learn to respect an electric fence powered by a Power Wizard fence charger. Keep your horses safe and contained with the only fence charger protected under a three year limited guarantee.

Training your horses to stay away from the fence line is even more effective with the Power Wizard fence energizers that use Ultra low impedance technology. Regardless of the vegetation along your electric fence, the Power Wizard fence chargers continuously provide a single pulse of electrical current when your horses come in contact with the fence wire.

Regardless of Your Fence Type: Electric Fences for Horses
Keeps Them Safe

Horse fence options are plentiful from wood rail to a vinyl or PVC fence, but if you want to really protect your investment and keep your horses from wandering down the lane to your neighbor's farm, consider running a hot wire along the top of your fence. Power Wizard fence energizers are available using three different power sources; plug-in, solar and battery operated. Regardless of the size or permanence of your corral, Power Wizard electric fences keep your horses safely within the confines of your property and free from stray animals or predators attempting to gain access to your pasture.

Young colts are filled with energy and curiosity and a wood post or vinyl fence can easily be knocked over when a horse presses or bumps against the railing. An electric fence that uses a Power Wizard fence charger will emit a short pulse of electric shock to the horse quickly training them to stay clear away from the fencing.

Horses Complete the Circle:

Power Wizard Fence Chargers complete the connection - Hoof on Dirt - Muzzle on the Electric Fence

Electric fences for horses are most effective when the electric current runs continuously through the entire length of the fence. Typically, as ground conditions worsen due to wet weather or over grown weeds, the energy connection becomes weak or inconsistent. The Ultra low impedance technology in Power Wizard fence energizers adjusts to ensure there is sufficient current on the fence wire even when overgrown grass and weeds come in contact with the fence.

Power Wizard fence energizers provide the protection necessary to continually keep your horses safe regardless of the vegetation growth along the fence line.

Keep Horses Safe from Injury

Some horse ranchers use wire mesh fencing to corral their fences, however, if the mesh is too large, horses and colts can get their hooves tangled. Horses are known for pawing at fences or even sticking their heads through the larger openings. If they feel confined they will quickly pull back and become entangled potentially causing seriously physical damage.

Electric fences minimize injury to your horses, ponies and colts. They help to quickly train your horses to stay away from the fence line, thereby protecting them from serious injury and keeping them safe in the pasture. The electric shock is even safe for colts and newborn foals. Horses learn quickly; one shock is all it takes to effectively train and protect your horses.

For more information or to talk with a Customer Service Representative email us at info@powerwizardinc.com or call 800-866-2161.

To determine the correct Power Wizard fence energizer for your corral or electric fence surrounding the pasture, check out our Energizer Selection Guide.

Power Wizard Products

  • The Power Wizard corral kit is perfect for horse trainers who travel with their horses and need to set up a temporary pasture.
  • An electric fence fueled by a Power Wizard fence charger requires fewer posts than a standard wooden fence. Less work, less expense, less maintenance.
  • Power Wizard fence chargers provide consistent electrical current for ranches and pastures from one acre to 24,000 acres.
  • The Ultra low impedance technology of the Power Wizard fence chargers means consistent electric current regardless of the ground conditions or vegetation along the fence line.

Visit our Energizer Selection Guide to find the energizers available for your acreage and fence length.

Product Spotlight

Introducing the 6V Solar Electric Fence Energizer with Battery Saver. 0.06 joule output, controls up to 3 acres and 3 miles.

PW50S with Low Impedance Technology.

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